Our Values

People first

We believe in the dignity and value of every human being and see our mission in restoring street children, who are often deemed worthless to society, to loving home enviroments. We want to give them an equal opportunity, as any child born into this world, to live a healthy and full life, grow in a safe environment, and receive a good education in order to use their gifts and talents for the good of society. We don’t start projects, we form relationships with people who have dreams for better opportunities and ways of living. Any businesses formed are first and foremost coming from real people who we’ve encountered. We measure our success by the impact we have in the lives we seek to serve.


We believe that children in their vulnerability are one of society’s greatest responsibility. Children who have lost parents due to disease and poverty are unable to provide for themselves a home, education, or health care, among many other things. As parents due to various reasons are not available to provide this setting, we want to help orphanages who are already assisting these children to grow up to their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spirtually. In doing so we invest in their future and the future of their community.


Ideas for business come from the orphanage directors we work with. Real people, on the ground who see firsthand the issues and potential solutions. We want to come behind and be a scaffolding for the people who are doing the real work of sustaining businesses on the field, which in turn provide ongoing funding for the orphanages of the children we love.

Innovation and Creativity

We know that as every setting is unique in its challenge and problem, not only because of its cultural context, but because every situation has multiple layers and variables, requiring a unique solution. Innovation can provide answers, going beyond the tradition or what may have worked in the past and brings creative solutions that will benefit everyone involved in a responsible way.


We understand the great responsibility involved in starting businesses, whether culturally, socio-economically or environmentally both now and in the long run. We value working in such a way that would put a stop to exploitation, not harming lives or nature but rather giving back to the communities we are involved with.


We see transparency not just as a safeguard against wrong business practices and mismanagement but as an invitation for people to know about what we do and how we are doing it. In us providing information about our own activities, as well as information tied to our cause, we invite people to choose their own response.