Good Shepherd Homes | Pune, Nasik and Talegaon, India

Good Shepherd Homes | Pune, Nasik and Talegaon, India



Good Shepherd Homes was founded in 1996 and has grown to six different housing projects providing care for nearly 100 orphans. Children typically between the ages of 5 - 11 are rescued from the streets in slum areas and placed into transitional care with house parents. Many of these children have been rescued from some form of forced labor or sexual slavery and are often addicted to drugs in order to survive the harsh conditions of the streets.

Once children have adjusted to a more disciplined life with house parents and restored to healthy living, free of drug addiction, the child can transition to standard Good Shepherd Homes where they begin their formal education and home care.

Good Shepherd Homes is unique in it's model in that it has only 6 children per one house parent allowing for greater levels of care, attention, and a family like environment.


The T-Shirts business, Printing company, and Dignata Jewelry project were developed to further the work of Good Shepherd Homes in efforts to become more self-sustaining.


See our blog for more ongoing information about the home, like a visit to one of the girl's homes and a portrait of one girl Asha who was rescued off the streets at the age of 2.