Rescue and Restore | Chennai, India


Rescue and Restore | Chennai, India



In 1998, Rescue and Restore ministry was founded by Freddy and Daisy Paul to give street children a renewed hope for a better future.

The mission of Rescue and Restore begins with outreach and counseling in some of Chennai’s busiest hubs. Staff and volunteers lovingly prepare programs for education, life giving entertainment, and counseling, as well as free hot meals and showers for any street kid. If a child shows promise, they are invited to join the permanent Street Kids Shelter. Here they will grow up in a home environment with other street kids based on Christian principles.

The foundation of the Rescue and Restore ministry is to restore children to their families, when at all possible. Children become street kids for many reasons; abuse, neglect, death or serious illness in the family, or if the parents are just too poor to provide for themselves, much less a child. In those cases R&R works to establish relationships with extended family. In all situations, acceptance into the R&R program is voluntary both by the child and the family (when contact is possible).

Currently there are more than 48 children living in the permanent boys’ and girls’ shelter, as well as 50 children who have been restored to their families or are living self-sufficiently as adults.


Life Springs Water project was developed to further support the work of Rescue and Restore children's Homes.


On our blog you can read and see more about a visit to one of the Rescue and Restore children's homes and a portrait of a young boy Chandru rescued from the slums.