Life Springs | Bottled Water



One of the most recent startups with BFO is Life Springs - a water bottling business! Life Springs bottled and distributed it's first fresh water in May 2013.

Freddy Paul started Rescue and Restore with his wife back in 1998 to rescue street children in the slums of Chennai. Now that the children's homes are fully operational and growing he's searching out means to provide ongoing funding to keep the homes fully supported. His dream's have expanded to reach people with one of life’s basic needs: water. But he’s doing it differently. Freddy offers high quality purified and good tasting water at low cost. His vision goes beyond the customer as he’s also employing people from the slums at a fair wage -  the same slums where many of the children have been rescued and brought to their children’s home. However it doesn’t end there, as proceeds from the profits go towards the children's home with Rescue and Restore!


Read our blog for more information about the launch of Life Springs and the water bottling process. Also read more about the children's home Rescue and Restore that this business helps support.