Our Team

James first visited India back in 2008 and met hundreds of children who were living on the streets after their orphanage closed down due to lack of funding. This propelled him to start dreaming about creative solutions in order to prevent future closures and bring more children off the streets. James founded Business for Orphans in January of 2009.

Shannon and James lived in India for six months to establish 8 different projects on the ground. She has also established two businesses in the Netherlands and Latvia, providing new opportunities for trafficked women to have an alternative means of income through making jewelry.

Christian comes originally from Hamburg, Germany and has joined the BFO team working with Operations. He has a passion for business start-ups and loves organizing, creating structures, and working with excellence!

Naomi joined the BFO team to work with Communications. She is a Coloradoan at heart but has spent most of her adult life in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She loves learning about culture through travel but is especially passionate about speaking out for the voiceless and loving the vulnerable.